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 The "Cotton snc" is born in 2000, thanks of experience of Federico Brufani, experience matured in the field of the transports, particularly in the transport of the chassis cotton. Federico with to the father Elio, in 1985 I found the "Brufani Elio & Federico snc" , that it exercises the transport activity for other, and then successively, in 1988 with the new associate, Francesco, begins the transport of exceptional cargos and in particular of the chassis cotton, using an articulated truck to pianale and a special semitowing. From there, the transport of chassis cotton, becomes one of the main activities. In the course of the years, turning the world for along and for wide, between Romania, Bulgaria, Tunisia,. the contacts, the acquaintances, the job opportunities are multiplied and from this it is born the idea to found the Cotton snc, company that will be taken care in particular of the commerce of chassis cotton, and of blots some to equips. This that contraddistingue the company, is obviously the seriousness, the professionality and the punctuality, main characteristics of Federico Brufani who  is in the world of the Knitting machines cannot not know!

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